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Estaleiro beach.

Estaleiro beach.

Camboriu Beach ("Balneário Camboriú" in Portuguese) a.k.a. Southern Atlantic's Marvel, is one of Southern Brazil's major tourism hubs. Its resident population is 110,000 strong, but in summertime it welcomes up to one million tourists. At that time its temperature goes as high as 104º F (40º C), when it draws young and senior citizens alike after sunny days and lively night life, as well as beaches and sports. Sea water is lukewarm the year round.


Argentinians own roughly 10% of the real estate and come over regularly, even after late summer, in droves, primarily, senior citizens who stay as late as May.
Chartered in 1964, this county has soon become one of Southern Brazil's "must" resorts on account of its beautiful landscape and good infrastructure. Lately, thousands of Beto Carrero World-Bound tourists have checked into Camboriu's fairly large good hotel network, a short thirty-minute drive from that thematic park. Beto Carrero World, the world's fifth largest of its kind, is located in a neighboring town called Penha.


Camboriu Beach, Santa Catarina State's foremost resort, is an ever expanding city whose house-building business is the State's biggest. Because of its facilities and liveliness, Camboriu Beach is the entretainment hub for the gorgeous outlying resorts which can be reached by bus, car or boat. Two of those beach resorts stand out: Porto Belo and Bobinhas, where the sea meets the rough wild coast surrounded by the coastal woods of Mata Atlântica.
Camboriu Beach's major event is the New Year's Eve, with fireworks bursting all along its 3.740-mile (6 Kms) long shoreline.


Beach sports and nightlife are Camboriu's trademark.


The midbeach is the most sought-after, but the Southern region, know as Costa Brava (Wild Coast), also draws crowds because of its sheer beauty.
Not only, those visiting Beto Carrero World stay at Camboriu hotels, a sizeable number of those going to the Oktoberfest and other of Santa Catarina State's traditional October festivals do the same. Those festivals bring over up to 1.5 million tourists a year, which helps drum up business and set tourism in motion off season.


The Santur Park (a roadside landmark with its zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, souvenir stores, food plaza, archeological museum and convention hall), a few minutes away from downtown Camboriu by car, draws more throngs than any other attraction along Inter-State Highway 101 (BR-101) that cut across Santa Catarina.


Visit Camboriu Beach; we are friendly hospitable people who will roll out the red carpet for you. Tourism is our business and you will love it. 

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