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Balneário Camboriú Portal is part of the Internet products of Jornal Page 3, a newspaper company that has been operating in the city for more than 26 years, producing printed newspaper, online newspaper (pagina3.com.br), city guide application (www.guialegabc .com) tourism portals and specialized magazines.

Publisher: Waldemar Cezar Neto.

Production: Fab Diniz.

Photos: Rivo Biehl.

Newspaper Page 3
Rua 2448, 360 – Balneário Camboriú – SC, 88330-498 (map click here)
Phone: (47) 3367-3333

Editorial Emails

Writing Director
Waldemar Cezar Neto – jornal@pagina3.com.br

Marlise S. Cezar – lisi@pagina3.com.br
Daniele Sisnandes – dani@pagina3.com.br

Digital Production
Fabiane Diniz – fabiane@pagina3.com.br

Commercial – jornal@pagina3.com.br
Finance – Fernanda Schneider Cezar – financeiro@pagina3.com.br